Environment issues when painting and decorating

Colours Complete Painters and Decorators recognise that our services effect the environment due to our consumption of raw materials, energy and water and from our generation of waste and emissions. Strict control is taken over the wastage and recycling of materials wherever possible and all environmental issues are considered. Colours Complete is committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

We intend to achieve this by:-

  • dispose of waste which is sent to a company that recycles waste.
  • implement recycling amongst the workforce.
  • complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • continual improvement in our environmental performance and minimising the risks of pollution arising on our sites.
  • all staff receive environmental training appropriate to their role and responsibilities.
  • keep transport use to a minimum and regularly service our vehicles to maintain their efficiency.

Health and safety

Colours Complete is fully aware of the risks and problems that can be faced in your home and on site. We do our utmost to reduce these by:

  • calculated Risk Assessments before starting contracts.
  • complying fully with the Health & Safety at Works Act 1974.
  • ensuring that that accident prevention is given the highest priority.
  • ensuring that all equipment, materials and substances are appropriate for their intended use and used, handled and stored safely.