DIY tips for Painting and Decorating

Painting your kitchen cupboards can be one of the worst jobs in the world. It is very time consuming and difficult. In addition, your kitchen is untidy and possible unusable for as long as it takes you to complete the job. If you hire Colours Complete, we can get the job done in a short period of time with as little inconvenience to you.

Paperhanging can be a skilled job and awkward to get a nice finish. If you have purchased expensive wall paper, Colours Complete expertise can decorate it in a short space of time with no mistakes or need to buy another roll!

There are so many colours of paint and wallpaper available, that it can be easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about redecorating. In recent years the trend has been to decorate homes in neutral colours so potential buyers are not put off. However the recession has made people reassess and encouraged people to stay in their homes, paving the way to redecorate to create a new atmosphere.

So if you decide to improve your home rather than move, personalise your interior design by experimenting with colour. Here are some top tips on how to choose the right colour scheme for your property:

Colours represent moods and personality. Look how these colours are associated with feelings and ambiance:
  • Red – is often associated with danger but varying shades of red can also represent warmth, love, energy or passion.
  • Blue – can be calming and soothing and was traditionally thought to encourage intellectual thought. Some people may find blue quite cold, so choose shades with this in mind.
  • Green – represents nature and health and is very easy for the eye to adjust to – meaning it can be used in any room.
  • Yellow – provided you don’t choose too sickly a shade, yellow has happy, positive and stimulating connotations.
  • Purple – this colour is traditionally associated with wealth, luxury and royalty – it used to be very expensive to produce. Purple can be a very powerful colour so use sparingly/carefully.
  • White – represents purity and is fresh so it goes with anything. To make sure white decor doesn’t become too clinical, combine with wood or other warming natural textures.
  • Black – absorbs heat and energy and can be very imposing, however if combined with other colours, fabrics and textures, black can work well.

If you still can’t decide, Colours Complete will provide their expertise to discover the perfect shade for every room to turn your house into your home.